It is imperative for companies’ overall benefit strategies to include health and well-being as critical elements, while considering that diverse segments of the workforce will require tailored solutions.

How organisations can build effective employee health programmes

The health and well-being of your workforce is critical to the success of the business. What’s more, when employees have access to a wide range of benefits, they tend to be healthier, more productive, and more loyal.

Our Health on Demand 2023 report found that 72% of employees with access to 10 or more benefits are more likely to stay with their employer, and 88% feel their employer cares about their health and wellbeing, while 82% say they are thriving in their current role.

So how can you ensure your employee well-being programme meets the needs of your workforce?

It’s important to address the four main areas of wellness:

    Transform your employees’ health and benefits experience

    The future of work depends on healthy, focused employees. As medical costs continue to rise, now is the time to consider bold new measures to deliver maximum value and balance healthcare cost concerns with empathy and employee engagement.

    On the one hand, organisations must keep costs to a minimum and protect the bottom line, while also meeting changing regulations, managing complex risk exposures, and simplifying programme administration for HR teams who are increasingly feeling the pressure.

    Organisations also want to invest in their people — attracting and retaining the best talent and giving their employees benefits that truly benefit themselves and their loved ones.

    We understand the importance of balancing both. Too often this balancing act is viewed as an "either/or”. But we see it differently. When both sides of the equation are in sync, you create a virtuous circle whereby one reinforces the other — and your people and business emerge stronger.

    Workplace well-being programmes are effective tools in improving your employee’s productivity, health and well-being. Key components include access to high-quality, accessible and affordable health care, the use of digital health to engage employees in a more personalised, social and convenient manner as well as evaluating ways of working to help manage psychosocial risks.

    Business leaders who adopt a human-centred design method that utilises data to drive decisions on what employees in their company need, will create a programme that improves workforce engagement, boosts organisation-wide culture and morale, as well as reduces risk of injury or harm.

    A sound employee well-being programme starts with listening to employees and engaging the business on how health impacts the business. Using proven methodologies and analytical tools, we can help you build a roadmap with transformative solutions. 

    We’ve seen many times that the more healthy and robust a workplace culture, the less prescriptive policies need to be. This is why it is crucial to have a healthy and safe culture that provides a platform for employees to innovate, collaborate and perform. Improved productivity is a welcome consequence, with happier and more fulfilled experiences at work.
    Hervé Balzano

    President, Health at Mercer and Mercer Marsh Benefits Leader

    Getting started

    We work with you to develop a programme that can help:

      How Mercer Marsh Benefits can help

      We help companies in every industry around the world achieve a win-win outcome. Our unmatched, on-the ground presence means we offer deep local relevance at a global scale. We’re an industry leader in health benefits programmes, but we think and act like a challenger to deliver the best solutions for your people.

      With our market-leading technology, we’re able to create benefits experiences that enable your employees to make faster, smarter choices that are right for them and their loved ones. But our approach doesn’t just benefit your employees, it also benefits you. We’ll give you better insight into and control over your programmes.

      Finally, our local specialists are there for you and for your people.

      We simplify processes, minimise administration, and deliver long-term efficiencies, while never losing sight of the goal: benefits that truly benefit.

      We can help you:

      • Better understand the profile and needs of your employees.
      • Identify the health and wellness benefits that are most valued by your workforce.
      • Build plans that include preventative healthcare and overall well-being.
      • Tackle mental, physical, social, and financial well-being through a holistic strategy.
      • Demonstrate a return on your wellness benefits investment.
      • Mental health support

        Our mental health diagnostic, strategy and implementation support helps you create a culture of health and provide a full spectrum of mental health support, to strategically manage people risks.
      • Medical plan design

        We help you maximise the value from your benefit plan with design tactics to encourage high-quality care. We go beyond market practice to incorporate features that make programmes more inclusive and address common gaps such as mental health.
      • Digital health and well-being

        Use best-in-class digital health programmes and our front-door digital solutions to supplement traditional well-being programmes and advance ESG goals.
      • Inclusive benefits 

        Our inclusive benefits solutions help you accelerate your diversity, equity and inclusion journey by making sure your benefit programmes support the full workforce.
      • Disability management

        We help assess your rehabilitation and return-to-work programmes and practices to get employees back to work as soon as possible following illness or injury and to create workplaces that focus on individuals’ abilities.
      • Cost management

        Balancing cost and empathy in employee benefits packages can help you improve finances, reduce risk, and boost employee satisfaction and retention.

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