Create a digital strategy to harmonise your technology 

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How many disparate systems and manual processes are you managing?

Do you need a digital strategy?

Companies with digital ambitions and maturity derive greater benefit from their digital transformation, drive 16% more revenue and are 9% to 26% more profitable than their industry competitors. Is it time you invested in a digital strategy?

We recommend that organisations take a holistic approach across the spectrum of HR strategy, 人力资源流程, technology and users in the business. This is particularly true for mergers, acquisitions and disposals, where there is a need to harmonise these systems.

A lack of standardisation results in reporting and analytical issues.

Assess your current state

Let’s assess your current state of play to determine whether you need a digital strategy:
  • What’s the prevalence of in-house, bespoke systems requiring significant maintenance and support?
  • How many disparate systems and manual processes are you managing? For instance, is there no single HR/finance/benefits system of record?
  • How are you leveraging emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, 机器学习, algorithms and robotic process automation?
  • What is your current technology landscape and operations model?
  • How is your current technology helping or hindering your ability to enact policies and processes?


美世 has the expertise to help you harmonise your HR technology. We start by reviewing current and often fragmented systems to collaborate with clients in developing coordinated, streamlined processes to improve performance, 治理, digitalisation and employee experience.

We build client solutions by carefully vetting the right partners for digital strategies, cloud readiness and vendor selection services.

Sharing the lessons of experience

美世 helped Santander prepare to transform its 人力资源流程, organisation and technology. After analysing the situation through stakeholder interviews, we developed an ideal process landscape and 治理 definition and determined future IT support needs. We then created a roadmap and elaboration to implement a new HR interaction model.


    Bolting on new technology to yesterday’s infrastructure will not create the agility needed to thrive in the ever-changing, highly competitive future market. Real transformation is required.

    Senior Partner, Digital 解决方案, 美世